Monday, January 1, 2007

Other images from Canada

Our house in the woods. There was no snow when we arrived, but it did snow a little on the morning of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It was a beautiful sight to see the snow in the woods.

The beaver pond near Birch Crest was frozen over, and so Samantha got one of her wishes fulfilled. She wanted to walk on the frozen water while we were in Canada...

We did some sight-seeing and found a pretty stream. This picture doesn't do the stream justice, but it is a good picture of the rest of the family.

This picture was taken during our Christmas tree hunting expedition.

Christmas in Canada

Our trip to Canada started out well, with the kids in a jubilant mood.
Samantha soon entered her catatonic state however, and stayed there for most of the drive.

Soon after we arrived and settled in, we set about preparing for Christmas. The kids and I went out and cut down a Christmas tree.

Susan prepared her usual wonderful Christmas dinner.

It was a wonderful Christmas in the Great not-so-White North!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Samantha's Moose - Alexander

Samantha got to open an early Christmas present this year. Here is Samantha with her new moose "Alexander".

Christmas program at church

At our Christmas program Sunday night, Susan and Samantha performed Christmas carols while we all sang along.

We also had a 'snow ball' fight. John is showing really good form on his throws.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saw-whet owl banding

Samantha and I recently volunteered along with some friends of ours to help band Saw-whet owls in the Yellowwood State Forest near Bloomington. Not much is known about the population or migratory patterns of these owls, and the banding operation is an attempt to learn more.
Susan and I later went again. Susan got to hold the owls as the banding leader extracted them from the nets. It was a very educational and fun experience for all of us!

Initial Post

This is our first post on our new blog. We hope this blog will be a way to share photos and experiences with family and friends. We look forward to hearing back from you, so post on our blog often!